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Nutritional therapy and the functional medicine model of healthcare asks how and why chronic illness occurs and focuses on the interactions between your diet habits, your genetics, your environment and your current lifestyle behaviours. It is unlikely that two people would have exactly the same combination of these factors so the symptoms that clients’ present with for the same illness can be very different and varied.

I help you recognise how your food and lifestyle choices (whether conscious or not!) are impacting on your health or contributing to your symptoms. The recommendations you receive are specifically tailored to you and what is practical in your daily life. While I have an interest in functional medicine and integrative health care, I encourage clients to remain under the care of their G.P. or Consultant as their primary care provider.

What We Can Help You With

 Digestive Issues

I often see clients who cannot find solutions to ongoing digestive discomfort ranging from reflux, bloating or IBS to constipation or food sensitivities. The symptoms you experience are not always just related to food but are more likely to be a combination of factors and nutritional therapy can help you work through this.

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Heart Health

65% of cardiovascular disease cases are attributed to known and preventable risk factors – Inflammation, excess weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, excess alcohol and physical inactivity. Overall heart health responds favourably to nutrition and lifestyle adjustments.

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Auto Immune Conditions

If you are diagnosed with an auto immune condition you may be taking prescribed medication to keep your symptoms under control. However many feel they still need guidance with the complexities of making and maintaining better food and lifestyle choices to achieve a better quality of life.

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Energy & Mood

Many people can’t actually pinpoint anything specific other than they just don’t feel quite themselves. They have poor eating habits, are not sleeping well and often experience low mood and fatigue. Their blood test results may be within range but poor diet and lifestyle habits can still be negatively influencing their health.

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Skin Health

The most common skin conditions that present are eczema, psoriasis and acne. Modifications in nutrition, stress and activity can be an effective protocol for addressing inflammatory related skin conditions.

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Thyroid Function

The adrenal glands and the thyroid so closely influence each other’s function that they are assessed together. The adrenal glands control our response to stress while the thyroid controls our metabolic rate. Long term overstimulation of the adrenals can contribute to an under functioning thyroid.

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