Private Consultations -€80

Initial consultation lasts 60-70 minutes and the fee filters in time I spend researching your health concerns, assessing your questionnaire and any medication you may be currently be prescribed. Your food diary is accurately assessed using Nutritics Dietary Analysis software.

Follow up consultation €50

Chronic health care Package €200

This package cost €200 over 6 months 1-2-1. You start with an initial consultation. We will have 3 additional follow up sessions together which can be carried out in clinic, by phone or via skype. In addition I will be available to you in between visits via e-mail. This package is suitable for you if you are struggling with IBS, Crohns, ulcerative colitis or excess weight, arthritis, underactive thyroid or psoriasis and would like diet and lifestyle advice with managing your condition. Management and maintenance of a chronic health condition will require more ongoing support that what can be achieved in 1 visit. If you feel frustrated or stuck we identify the root causes and find solutions to move you forward.

Dietary analysis €25

This is a suitable option for those who do not want a consultation but would like a review of particular food groups in their current diet.

  • Contact the clinic to receive your 5 day food diary to complete and return to me for assessment
  • You will be sent a written report with feedback based on the foods filled out in your diet diary.
  • I use Nutritics Dietary Analysis software to assess your average consumption of each macro and micro nutrient and this can be useful for highlighting nutrient excesses and deficiencies.

Functional Testing

While not essential, testing can be beneficial to eliminate guesswork when formulating a therapeutic protocol and I communicate with accredited laboratories that are scientifically based and of a high standard.

  • Comprehensive adrenal stress profile
  • Full Thyroid panel
  • CDSA (comprehensive digestive stool analysis with/without parasitology)
  • Candida antibody profile
  • Digestive inflammatory biomarkers including calprotectin for IBD
  • Homocysteine

Testing is an additional cost to the consultation fee. Please contact me for further information and cost of individual tests.


If you are interested in arranging a group talk about a particular area of nutrition such as improving energy and sleep, supporting immunity or nutrition for heart health or digestive issues then I would love to hear from you.