Clients initially come to see me for digestive issues like bloating and almost always cite bread as being one of their triggers.

For those living with non -coeliac gluten sensitivity, looking at how and what you eat is the first step to dealing with this as it signals a problem with digestion aggravated by a host of other factors. In the meantime however you may find comfort in switching to a sourdough bread. Its lower gluten content and fermentation process makes it easier to digest. This is because sourdough uses wild yeast and lactic acid instead of baker’s yeast to rise the dough.  It’s prebiotic and probiotic properties can even benefit your gut health. Opt for wholegrain varieties like rye or buckwheat for stabilising blood sugars.

To obtain the full health benefits of sourdough, purchase your bread from an artisan baker at a framers market or if you are buying sourdough from a supermarket this is fine too, they just may not be made in the traditional way and so have less health benefits. But all in all I think this makes for a tasty alternative!

If you experience ongoing symptoms of bloating, gas or cramping then it is important to get correct nutritional advice to assess the underlying cause as it is rarely down to just one factor.


Photo by: Ben Garratt