Hello I’m Lorraine Quinn and you are welcome to in fine fettle!  Here is where I will share nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Nutrition is a hot topic right now and it is so important to seek reliable, credible and professional advice. Here you will find nutrition and lifestyle news and recipes for chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases backed up by evidence based scientific research. I do not promote just using food alone as an “alternative” method as I feel this can be sometimes unhelpful.

Complications can arise by adopting an unsustainable approach like working in isolation with just medication or alternatively with just nutrition. Looking at the big picture we now realise health encompasses a much wider spectrum for treating chronic illness. Today it is as important to focus on well being and how we behave around food and respond to stress as much as individual biochemistry for promoting health.

The content I post here will be more general but will not replace professional examination, diagnosis or treatment by your G.P. or Consultant.  So here are some basic guidelines to get you started that will benefit everyone.

  • Eat slowly, chew your food …. Addressing most digestive complaints start with  this straight forward step
  • Avoid skipping meals…..this actually promotes fat storage
  • Eat some protein and healthy fats …… to stabilise blood sugar and manage weight
  • Watch portion sizes …….fill  ½ the plate with vegetables or salad and aim for as much colour as you can
  • Eat your greens ……. and all the rest! – The orange, the red and purple too. Get as much variety as possible.
  • Try herbs and spices ….They add flavour to your food and can help cut back on added salt
  • Recognise when you are full ….. Stop eating now!
  • Keep hydrated……….. throughout  the whole day

I do not claim to have all the answers but what I can offer is tailored advice, support and guidance so you will be able to make better health choices for your own health. I feel we are learning all the time in the arena of nutritional science and I will certainly continue to do so too.